Bridesmaid Dress Steam Cleaning

If one of your bridesmaids has creased or marked her dress, and you wanted it cleaned either before or after your wedding, here at Cinderella’s we can help.

We offer a bridesmaid dress steam cleaning service from just €15, or €20 for a full dry clean service. We’ve cleaned countless bridesmaid dresses over the years, and sometimes they can be marked from just packing them in the case, or a drink can be accidentally spilt on them, but they can usually always be restored back to how they were when you first bought them with a simple steam or dry clean.

If you’re getting married in Ayia Napa, Protaras, Larnaca or Pernera and want your bridesmaid dresses looking spotless for your photos,  get in touch to arrange a steam clean, and we’ll collect & deliver the bridesmaid dresses back to you.

We collect your dress in the morning, and normally return it in the mornings too. We also offer a free re-packing service after a steam or dry clean.


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